Discovering the flavour of Lombardy
  DURATION: 3 gg.
An once in a lifetime opportunity to taste the most traditional Lombardian cuisine and enjoy the magnificent landscape of Lombardy among the vineyards in the countryside around Lodi...
The Cafés of Northern Italy
  DURATION: 6 gg.
Trip to cafés of Lombardy beginning in Mantova.During the XV and XVI centuries, the city was the headquarters of one of the most important Italian noble families,the Gonzaga.
The Lakes and Franciacorta
  DURATION: 3 gg.
Franciacorta famous all over the world for its unique and unmistakable sparking wines is a land of ancient traditions a paradise for wine tourism.
The tasty journey:Franciacorta
  DURATION: variable Morainic cellars located between the Iseo Lake and Orfano mountain. Little villages, castles and noble residences enrich the lands.
The Tasty Journey:Garda Lugana
  DURATION: variable

The wine growing area is extended along the Morainic hills og Lake of Garda.....
The Tasty Journey: La Valtellina
  DURATION: variable
Driving along the north side of Como lake, and crossing Colico, the tourist arrives in Valtellina area located between the Orobiche and Retiche Alps.
The Tasty Journey: Oltrepò Pavese
  DURATION: variable
The particular shape of this area looks like a grape bunch,this is the biggest wine production area of Lombardia.........
The tasty Journey: San Colombano
  DURATION: variable
The hill of San Colombano is located in the lowland of Lodi..........
The Tasty Journey: Valcalepio
  DURATION: variable
Valcalepio land borders on Bergamo and to the east side on Iseo Lake and river Oglio.......
La Bassa Padana
  DURATION: 4 gg.
Partecipants meet in Milan and depart for Varese the agricoltural heart of Lombardy.
The Padana and the Oltrepò Pavese
  DURATION: 4 gg.
Oltrepò Pavese one of the first wine producing region in Italy,it is valued for the quality and variety of its production.
The Alps:La Valtellina
  DURATION: 4 gg.
Valtellina: a beautiful exemple of mountain wine growing,the high valley of Adda extract high quality wines with truly extraordinary character from Nebbiolo.
Tour of Lombard farms
  DURATION: 7 gg.
Arrival in the morning at Milano/Malpensa airport.Transfer by coach to Carenna Farm an ancient Lombard farm showing the typical structure with a quadrangular courtyard.......